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Dr. Don Greene: Master Peformance Coach


Dr. Greene’s books are helpful for musicians when preparing for auditions and performances. Athletes, unlike musicians, have resources such as sports psychologists, physical therapists and other professional resources. Dr. Greene is an Olympic Sports Psychologist who is using his knowledge and skills to help musicians. I highly recommend all of his books! www.dongreene.com

A note from the artist:

"Below you'll find links to books, articles, and other resources that have helped me as a pianist, musician and performer. Enjoy!"

The Art of Rowing


I believe that exercising is very important in a musician's life. It builds endurance and increases aerobic health. Indo-row is one way that I enjoy exercising. It is a class using indoor rowing machines with rhythmic sounding

water tanks. It is an excellent full body workout. I highly encourage this type of physical training for musicians because  the class is team-oriented, much like being in an ensemble. Find a class near you on their website: www.indorow.com




Bonnie has performed at many weddings and worked with several wedding planners and photographers. Below are Bonnie's favorite wedding contacts. 

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Ana Stephanovich, wedding planner


info@northshoreweddingsbyana.com  |  617.678.1154


Hadrien Dimier, photographer


hadrien@hadriendimier.com  |  978.968.0264


Shalin Liu Performance Center, wedding venue


37 Main Street, Rockport, MA




Musicians On Call


      This is a great website used to recruit musicians to play live music for patients in healthcare facilities. Help them expand to Boston! 


 Bonnie Anderson