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Bonnie Anderson


Longtime colleagues Joseph Foley and Bonnie Anderson join together for an exciting CD of music for trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, and piano! The disc features a pillar of the repertoire, Paul Hindemith’s Sonata, as well as a new standard, the Sonata by Eric Ewazen. It also includes less-frequently heard works, such as the charming Sonata for Cornet and Piano by Thorvald Hansen, the haunting sound of the flugelhorn on Richard Peaslee’s evocative Nightsongs, and a beautiful new transcription of Franz Strauss’ Nocturno by Joseph Foley. This CD should be a valuable resource to trumpet players, but also a wonderful listen for those who love “singing” instrumental music.

Handy-Anderson Duo Demo CD available upon request


Track Listing:

1. Rachmaninoff: Sonata for Cello and Piano in G minor, Op. 19

    III. Andante

2. Jalbert: Sonata for Cello and Piano 

    II. Rhythmic, precise

3. Bach: Suite in C major, BWV 1009 for Unaccompanied Cello

    VI. Gigue

4. Chopin: Mazurka in A minor, Op. 67

    No. 4 for piano

5. Chopin: Nocturne in C-sharp minor, Op. Posth. for piano


Enjoy these sample recordings:

Sonata Op. 19 AndanteRachmaninoff
00:00 / 07:08

Photo by Eve Versage

Sonata for Cello and PianoJalbert
00:00 / 00:23

Bonnie Anderson Solo CD available upon request


Sample track from CD: Jeux d'eau by Maurice Ravel

Recorded at the Sonic Temple studio in Roslindale, Massachusetts, 2002. 

View a photo compilation video by Bonnie's good friend, Izzy Tappan-deFrees. Click here to watch!

Jeux d'EauMaurice Ravel
00:00 / 06:04
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